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Flower power, an opposition movement to the Vietnam War in the late 1960s, is the primary reference for our department Flower Shop. It was a part of counterculture representing peace and love, freedom of expression and “New-waked from dreams of dreadful things” - the phenomenon fifty years ago makes us think of the chaos, disorders, and more importantly, a greater awakening in every aspect nowadays.


The second CPW event, “A Smile For A Flower”, consists of two parts: in the first part we would like to share the concept and spread love among people while the second was to flower the city. Through flowers, we turned the event into a form of street theater. “Everyone is a flower and a florist.” In such way, we believe that we will, and we can create a more equal community.

“A flower holder is a device used to hold a flower in place.”


Collaborated with COMMON POLITE WORLD.

Flower Holder #1

£178.00 Regular Price
£160.20Sale Price
Material: : Sterling Silver
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